Should I use an Accredited Removalist Company?

Moving house can often prove to be quite a stressful and emotional experience. The transportation of beloved possessions is a straining process and it is fair to say that nobody cares more for their belongings than the owner.

A registered member of the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA) has been fully trained to the highest standard in the removals industry. This encompasses proficient practice in packing, unpacking and customer satisfaction.


What services can an Accredited Removalist Company offer?



Professional packing and unpacking

  • During your move, your personal items will be packed, transported, and cared for, all in accordance with the correct system of packing in order to ensure the risk of damage is minimal.


Certified documentation

  • The Code of Conduct outlined by AFRA ensures that members must possess and provide information and paperwork in regards to quotations, insurance, contracts, and inventories.
  • Your removalist carries and provides appropriate documentation and insurance policies to fit your needs when moving house.
  • For the protection of staff, yourself and your belongings, during the process of a move, your removalist will follow in compliance with the AFRA standard.


Offices and storage facilities

  • An approved premise that complies with Local Council regulations is also an important part of the AFRA Code of Conduct. Members must maintain a publicly accessible office, as well as secure storage facilities, and precisely maintained vehicles, all of which are suitable for business conduct at optimum levels.


Customer Satisfaction

  • Members of AFRA are required to promptly and eloquently process and deal with any customer queries or complaints and to uphold the expectations of superb customer satisfaction.
  • Your accredited removalist company will ensure that any grievances are taken seriously and handled within the first instance.


Using an AFRA accredited removalist company will provide you with the certainty of knowing your belongings will arrive safely, securely, and with as little drama as possible into your new house.

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