How to upsize when you live as a DINK

Don’t be offended. DINK does sound like an insult, but it stands for Dual Income No Kids. Who knows where that came from, but it’s a thing. If you are you free of the mess and noise of children after their first experience with red cordial, or looking to buy a larger home to accommodate your changing needs, below are some great ideas for using your new space that keep the cost of upsizing down. The more rooms you have, the more furniture you need, so how can you use a space cheaply while getting what you want?

The entertainment space

Any cinephile’s dream is to have their own home cinema. There happens to be nothing better in this world then settling in on a comfy chair in a dark room with some popcorn, a glass of wine and…*insert a movie everyone loves*. Ghostbusters? Before you do go dedicating an entire room to this pursuit, remember that TVs are bigger and flatter than they have ever been, so can your living room satisfy this desire instead?

The office of your dreams

Never has an Eames chair been more suitable than in the home office you have always wanted. Even if it’s just where your computer happens to be, or a place for those leather-bound books you keep receiving on birthdays, keep the cost down by choosing a well-lit space in which to house your dream office, while keeping your decorating minimal.

Home office with eames chairs

An unidentified studio

A perfect solution for both your wallet and your mind is to dedicate a room to the self. Think Japanese design. Whether you find relaxation though music, art, meditation, yoga, tai chi, wrestling, or chess, a simple room with natural light can be a great option for those who can afford to dedicate the space. Having a room specific to the development of your self can help you to find the time to do so.

Japanese-inspired room

A rental space

For a room that you may want to change in the future but for the moment is just an extra space, consider subleasing it or using a third party such as AirBnB to have a periodic but strong extra income from the space. List your home to rent on the Android app or iOS app.

A place to exhibit

Turn your home into a gallery by dedicating a room to art. This will inevitably create a ‘destination point’ in your home, not only for visitors but for yourself, changing your entire relationship with your home!

The obvious one: a gym

It might be lacking in imagination but your body will thank you for it. And as they say, healthy body, healthy mind. Remember that you can turn a more simple room such as a sparse studio into a gym with a few simple and cheap tools, such as a rock climbing hanging board that attaches to a door frame. Speaking of rock climbing…

A climbing gym!

Now this is a much more imaginative way to use a space and stay fit. A climbing gym allows you the freedom to change how you interact with the space each week by changing the foot and hand holds of your climbing wall. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to building a climbing gym. Don’t just restrict yourself to one wall but look at creating overhanging walls and even having your climbing gym leak out of the room into other areas of the house. The greatest part of a climbing gym is that the construction of it can be done without affecting the fundamental structure of the property, instead being constructed separate to the walls.

A climbing wall