How to move house using mobile storage

Like planning a wedding or visiting the dentist, moving house is one of life’s classic stressful events. We start the day full of optimism, but somehow no matter how much we plan ahead, we’re always in for a day that’s far longer than we expected. You might think your two options are:

  • Moving everything at once in one crazy day
  • Moving everything yourself in a countless number of small trips

However there is a third option and it’s relatively new to Australia. If you want to spread your move over several days or weeks to reduce stress, but don’t want to be driving back and forth constantly, you can use a mobile storage service. Instead of packing your furniture into a truck, mobile storage providers will park a storage container on your driveway or verge. You take as many days as you need to pack up the unit, and when you’re done the storage company picks up the unit and transports it to your new place. If you don’t need it yet, they can store the unit in a warehouse like a traditional self-storage company, and deliver it in few weeks or months time.

Mobile storage can be cheaper than hiring a removalist, as you’re not paying for as much manual labour. When you’re not rushing against the clock to avoid extra hourly rates, you’re also less likely to break anything. You might even enjoy the process!

As with any removal process, there are a few dos and don’ts to make it as smooth as possible.

Tick DO

Purchase more boxes and bubble wrap than you think you’ll need. Transporting loose items and bags is not so secure.


Pack the largest, heaviest items first, with only lighter/smaller items on top. Maximise the space of your container by packing the floor tightly. A game of Tetris when you load saves a game of Jenga when you unpack.

cross DON’T

Wrap your noisy housemate’s phone in 5 rolls of cling wrap (until after you’ve moved). Pranks are childish and you’ve got more important things to do with your time.

Tick DO

Defrost or drain your whitegoods ahead of moving day. Using a moisture trap like Dampsorb and preventing your fridge/freezer from sealing shut is also a great idea.

cross DON’T

Leave a bowl of breakfast cereal in a set of drawers (as one of our clients did!). Check your drawers and cupboards.

Tick DO

Bribe your friends with beer or a home-cooked meal to help with the heavy lifting.

Tick DO

Hire a moving trolley. It makes things much faster and your back will thank you.

cross DON’T

Put your passport in storage. There are plenty of tales of customers frantically trying to find their passport before travelling.

Tick DO

Start packing your boxes early. This is the slowest part of the whole process, but if you’re organised your loading day will be over before you know it.

Tick DO

Keep an inventory of what you’ve stored in each unit. If you accidentally pack your passport (or cereal) this will reduce the amount of rummaging and searching when you visit your storage unit.

Tick DO

Book at least a week ahead if possible. Mobile storage is still pretty new (1 in 5 people surveyed by Taxibox had never heard of it, see the results in our infographic) delivery spots are often booked out by the time the weekend arrives, especially if it’s a public holiday.

Author: Taxibox is one of the leading mobile storage specialists in Australia. Learn more about them here.